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Sep 27 2012

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This post from a year ago proves its more fun to talk about fitness if you include zombies.

Glenn Pendlay

My friend Jacob Tsypkin and I were discussing various topics last week over a couple of expertly cut and grilled steaks. How to best combine strength training with conditioning, the good and bad of traditional Crossfit programming, and the difference between exercising for health and training to achieve a set goal were all on the table. Naturally, these various topics condensed down to how to best train for and survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

One thing that we both agreed on was that for someone who starts out as inactive, weak, and out of condition, there is nothing that can be done to prepare them for the onslaught of the undead in a month or two. The only thing that can shift things in their favor is plenty of luck, guns, and ammo.

I believe that since no one can prepare for the zombies overnight, it only makes sense to…

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